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Private Joint-Stock Company "Elektronines Technologijos" has been performing successfully since 1998. Its basic directions are design and manufacturing of special purpose electronic equipment, software creation for single-crystal micro controllers. Main body of the company consists of highly qualified engineers - designers, who have acquired experience in professional sound and image equipment designing.

Volumes of our projects range from comparatively simple analogous devices to microprocessor equipment, used to control specialized apparatus as well as audio and video signal processing. In the course of our designing and manufacturing performance, we employ element basis of the well-known firms, providing us with the highly reliable and efficient articles.

Our company has projected original multi-channel audio signal level adjusters, installed in the Lithuanian and Latvian cable TV studios.

Security system GsmAlarm is numbered among the latest projects of our firm. It operates using GSM cellular phone, enabling user to control state of one or more than one protected units. Information about the unit is transmitted with the means of SMS; devices in the unit may be controlled in a remote way.

Principle of our performance: From Idea to Product. Should you have some interesting ideas, contact us.

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Tel./Fax: +370 41 522055
Mobile: +370 698 41989
E-mail: eltech@eltech.lt

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GsmAlarm series devices characteristics comparison will help You to choose best solution.
How much will delivery cost?
Shipping costs vary depending on weight and the location to which will be delivered. For shipping costs please contact us. read all
Delivery tracking
You can control your order delivery by tracking number which will be given when goods is sent. read all
How can be software upgraded?
All products are programmable only by the manufacturer except GsmAlarm-500 which is programmed via USB connection using GAPROG software read all
How to use iGsmAlarm program?
How to do GsmAlarm-XXX remote programing and diagnostic via USB cabel or GPRS internet?
GsmAlrm-500 parameters may be set via computer using the GSM Alarm Configuration Tool GAPROG. The module is accessible via an USB port or over internet through GPRS channel.

Download: GAPROG

Programming and diagnostics over the internet 

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Where to find user manuals archive?

Discontinued devices user manuals:


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Contact us

JSC "Elektronines technologijos"
80a-1 Tilzes str.
LT-78132, Siauliai

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