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Elevator dispatcher system


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Converters are used to transfer videosignal by a cable with twisted pair at long distances. It is advisable to use such converters when the distance between camera and central panel is within the limits of 300 and 1000 meters. Price of coaxial cable in this case is quite high, besides that, employing no additional cable correctors, significant distortions of frequency characteristic occure - fine elements are represented poorly in the monitor. Converters are convenient to use in the units where telephone lines have already been installed and some unused telephone cable pairs exist. If signals are to be transfered from several videocameras at a large distance, one cable is better to be used, consisting of several twisted pairs. Differential line makes available transmission of several videosignals by twisted pairs, located closely with one another, without interferences. One more merit of the differential line is its strong resistance to various external noises.

Transmitter TPT-004 is installed near the videocamera. It converts the signal, outcomming by a coaxial cable, into a symmetric differential videosignal, that may be transmitted by a symmetric two-lead cable (telephone, Ethernet, etc.). Receiver TPR-004 is installed at the central panel. It converts the incomming symmetric videosignal into an asymmetric videosignal, transfered by a coaxial cable into the central panel or directly to the monitor. Besides that,such converter encompasses wide possibilities for correction of amplitude - frequency characteristic. This enables equalizing of line losses without loosing resolving power. Such possibility to correct amplitude helps to compensate amplitude losses, occuring in relation with passive resistance in a long line.

Both converters are powered from ~220V power source.
100.00 €

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All products are programmable only by the manufacturer except GsmAlarm-500 which is programmed via USB connection using GAPROG software read all
How to use iGsmAlarm program?
How to do GsmAlarm-XXX remote programing and diagnostic via USB cabel or GPRS internet?
GsmAlrm-500 parameters may be set via computer using the GSM Alarm Configuration Tool GAPROG. The module is accessible via an USB port or over internet through GPRS channel.

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